Back to School for Year 3

It has been so lovely to have the children back in the classroom, following the Spring lockdown. Since returning to school, we have been working really hard in all subject areas. Year 3 have been particularly engaged with rehearsing and performing their own version of Reggae song, ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley. We have also enjoyed fundraising for Comic Relief and celebrating World Book Day.

Last Friday, we completed activities, in our class, to raise money for Comic Relief. The theme this year was to ‘Raise a Smile’. In class we came up with our own jokes to share virtually with our Buddy Class. Nursery also shared with us their funniest and silliest faces. It was a fun afternoon had by all with lots of giggles from the children and adults.

We have also been really lucky to celebrate World Book Day for a second time, in school, with all of our friends. The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. Have a look below, I wonder if you can recognise some of the characters Year 3 came dressed as. As Year 3 love reading so much, we have also designed some of our own bookmarks. This afternoon we were very lucky to be able to watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’ pantomime. We enjoyed sharing popcorn while listening and laughing along together.

Happy Half Term

Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all okay and enjoying the half term break, as best as possible.

Here are some photos of the things I have been up to so far. On Saturday, I was invited to be part of the Virtual Audience on the Voice Kids. There were lots of children auditioning for their place on the show. You may see me on the telly around Christmas time. I have also been taking my new puppy, Obi, for lots of walks around the local area. He is really enjoying exploring out and about and making lots of dog friends. There is a photograph below of Obi on Valentines Day. Yesterday, I celebrated Pancake Day. Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, marks the start of lent on Ash Wednesday. It was often tradition for those celebrating Lent to eat plenty of pancakes on this day as a means of getting rid of fatty foods prior to the 40-day fasting period of Lent. I will be giving up chcolate for the next 40 days, will you be giving up anything too?

What have you been up to this week? You can send your photos via email with the subject ‘Miss Underwood’ to or send them directly to me on Class Dojo.

On Monday home learning will resume and the Year 3 timetable can be found here – I know how tricky it can be to complete your work at home but you have all continued to amaze and impress me with everything you have been doing. I also owe a big thank you to your grown ups for everything they are doing to help and support you.

Stay safe and see you all soon,

Miss Underwood x

Over half term Fletcher completed his Sir Captain Tom – 100 Challenge. As way of remembering Captain Tom, I set you all a challenge of doing 100 of something. Fletcher decided he would complete 100 penalty shootouts. Unfortunately, the video was far too long for his Mom to capture all 100, but here are the last 5 Fletcher completed.

Jacob has been learning to ride his new bike. His Mom has been so impressed with his effort. After a few practise pedals, Jacob soon picked up the hang of it and has been spending time at the skate park.

Jenson has also had a new addition to his house. Zena, the German Shepherd, is only 11 weeks old! Jenson has enjoyed looking after and caring for Zena, ensuring she settles in well.

Nicky has been really busy over the last few weeks! He and his family are in the middle of having their new house built. Nicky has even been on hand to help his Dad with some of the work. Your new bedroom looks lovely Nicky!

Thank You!

As the end of the first half term, of 2021, comes to end, I just want to say an enormous thank you for your commitment and dedication to home learning. You have all been such superstars and should be so proud of the way you have adapted to remote learning. It hasn’t been easy, but you have all persevered and continued to hand in such high quality pieces of work.

Over the last few week, as part of your virtual English topic, you have been looking at non-chronological reports about Portia Spiders. The unit began by highlighting the features of a non-chronological report, compiling useful vocabulary and revisiting simple, compound and complex sentences. Before writing your own report, you all wrote detailed plans outlining the key facts and research you wanted to include, along with any powerful vocabulary. The end pieces that have been handed in are AMAZING! I think some of you may be future David Attenboroughs. Below are some examples of the magnificent work that has been submitted.

Kai’s introductory paragraph
Mia’s subsection all about the porita spider’s diet and hunting skills
Charlotte’s closing paragraph

You have all been so engaged with our science topic – ‘Light and Dark’. Over the past 6 sessions, you have looked at light sources, reflective materials, opaque and transparent objects and shadows. Below are some photos of Alexander’s home investigations. Alexander has sorted everyday items from his home into two groups, items that are opaque and items that are transparent. This is really important knowledge as you have now learnt that shadows are formed when light cannot pass through opaque objects. He has also found some objects that block light from passing through, which then make a shadow. Finally Alexander has also made his own shadow puppet theatre, to investigate how the size of shadows can be changed by moving objects closer and further away from a light source.

Not only have you all been learning lots at home, I have also developed my own knowledge on the Stone Age! The Stone Age was made up of three eras the Palaeolithic era, the Mesolithic era and the Neolithic era. Below is a picture of Jak’s Neolithic farm that he has created online. He used his knowledge from the topic to incorporate all the elements that might be found on a Neolithic farm. Super effort Jak!

Jak’s Neolithic Farm

It has been really important for you all to take time away from your screens. Each week Ava and Lilly have participated in our fitness sessions, improving their scores each time. They have even encouraged Finley to join them too!

Please continue to keep up all your hard work. Hopefully we can be back in school learning together very soon. Take time to rest next week. I would love to see some photos of the things you have got up to, I can then share these on our blog for your friends to see too.

See you all soon.

Miss Underwood

Things are really cool in Nazareth…

The children in Year 3 have been working very hard over the last few weeks to prepare for their virtual Christmas performance. They decided to perform scenes and songs from the film ‘Nativity’. All children have been so enthusiastic with their singing, acting and even dancing! Both me and Mrs Watts are so proud of all of Year 3 for their dedication on putting on such a brilliant performance.

Below is the link to our full performance. You will be able to access this, using the password that has been posted on Class Dojo and Google Classroom this morning.

Christmas Celebrations

The Year 3 team would like to begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! In January, I never would have imagined a year like this! However, with the dedication from the children and the continued support of our parents it has been a very different but thoroughly enjoyable year! I am so proud of how the children have responded to the huge changes in and around school.

Although Christmas will look very different to how it usually does, we still wanted to make it a special time for the children in school. Here are some photos of our Christmas party from Friday afternoon. It was so lovely to see all the children with big smiles on their faces having such a good time.

Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again in January.

Miss Underwood, Mrs Watts and Miss Hill

Shape Superstars

Since returning after half term, Year 3 have been expanding their 2D and 3D shape knowledge. We started by recapping and recalling shape names, discussing what we already know. The children learnt that 2D shapes are flat whereas 3D shapes are not. Year 3 began exploring their understanding of 2D and 3D by drawing around 3D shapes. This helped the children to recognise the faces of 3D shapes. It was tricky to draw around a sphere and a cone because they have curved surfaces.

Year 3 closely looked at the properties of 2D shapes, thinking about the number of sides and vertices. The children made their own regular and irregular 2D shapes. Using their knowledge of sides and vertices, they were able to identify the shape. What shapes can you see here?

Finally, Year 3 have looked at 3D shapes thinking about their vertices and edges. They have learnt that a vertex is where two or more edges meet and an edge is where 2 faces meet. Here the children are using marshmallows and sticks to create their own 3D shapes. They had to incorporte their knowledge of faces, edges and vertices to create their shapes. The children explained that the sticks represent the edges and the marshmallows represent the vertices.

Science – Plants

Year 3 have been learning lots about Plants in Science. They started the term by observing our school environment for different plants and trees. Together the children discussed and developed the key language to describe the key parts of both plants and trees. The children learnt that a flowering plant has roots, a stem, leaves and a flower and a tree has roots, a trunk, branches and leaves. While observing the children also learnt that some trees also have fruit on the branches.

The children have developed their knowledge further by thinking about the lifecycle of plants. They sowed their own cress seeds. Year 3 carefully followed the instructions provided to ensure their cress grew, considering the best place to leave their seeds and how much water they might need.

Together the children discussed whether they think cress seeds actually need light, warmth and air to successfully grow. They decided to set up their own investigation to look into whether these factors have an impact. The children placed cress seeds in the fridge, on the radiator to see the impact of the temperature, on the windowsill and under the sink to see the impact of light and being covered and not being covered to see the impact of air. They agreed that to make sure it was a fair test, the cress would be given the same amount of water and would be planted in the same containers.

Thinking about what they know, the children made predictions on which cress they think will grow the most or not grow at all. Below are some of their predictions.

Aaron: “I do not think the cress in the fridge will grow because it is too cold.”

Angela: “I think the cress on the radiator will grow the most because it is the warmest place.”

Fletcher: “I think the cress on the windowsill will grow the most because it gets light during the day and it is dark at night.”

Kai: “I think the cress under the sink will not grow because it will not much light or air.”

Each day the children closely observed the cress to see what affect the different conditions were having on their growth. Here is the cress three days later. Surprisingly the cress in the fridge did not grow at all! It was interesting to see how the colour had changed on the cress that did not have any light.

It’s Another Harvest Festival…

This year, our Harvest performance was much different to the previous years. Year 3, rehearsed and performed two songs beautifully. They were – ‘For the Harvest’ and ‘Down to the Allotment’. Use the password that has been posted on Google Classroom/ Class Dojo and been sent out today to access our virtual Harvest performance. Both me and Mrs Watts were so proud of how the children practised, performed and coped with the new situation.

Throwing and Catching

So far in P.E., Year 3 have been developing their throwing and catching skills, By developing their skills, the children will become better at different throwing and catching sports like netball and basketball.

The children have learnt that to be more accuarate when catching, they should have their hands ready in a ‘W’ position. Once the ball reaches their hands they then need to bring it into their bodies, to secure the catch. #

Year 3 then improved their accuracy through a range of target throwing activities. They have practised and developed their accuracy by aiming both towards a peer and towards a specific target.

Finally, the children have been thinking about ways they can move with the ball. We talked about throwing and catching balls and how players move with the ball in those. In netball, players cannot move with the ball. However, in basketball, the children are able to dribble with the ball. We have developed our dribbling skills by thinking about the dribbling teaching points. These are, push the ball with your fingers, keep the ball slightly infront of your body and keep the ball at waist level.

Autumn Printing

Since returning in September, Year 3 have been developing their printing and pattern skills. Over the first few lessons, the children experimented with reproducing a variety of different patterns. Patterns included checks, spots and stripes. The focus of the pattern was an Autumn leaf the children then added further detail by contrasting with a different patterned background.

After deciding on their favourite patterns, the children had to score their designs into a polystyrene tile block using a sharp pencil. The children had to be extremely careful during this stage, ensuring they make sure their patterns are deep enough into the polystyrene but not too deep that they put a hole in the block.

Using printing rollers the children spread their ink all over their scored blocks before placing it onto their paper. With newspaper over the top, the children had to apply pressure to the whole surface so that their pattern prints.

Here are some of our finished printing pieces. Please come and have a closer look at our artwork, outside the Year 3 class!