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As the end of the first half term, of 2021, comes to end, I just want to say an enormous thank you for your commitment and dedication to home learning. You have all been such superstars and should be so proud of the way you have adapted to remote learning. It hasn’t been easy, but you have all persevered and continued to hand in such high quality pieces of work.

Over the last few week, as part of your virtual English topic, you have been looking at non-chronological reports about Portia Spiders. The unit began by highlighting the features of a non-chronological report, compiling useful vocabulary and revisiting simple, compound and complex sentences. Before writing your own report, you all wrote detailed plans outlining the key facts and research you wanted to include, along with any powerful vocabulary. The end pieces that have been handed in are AMAZING! I think some of you may be future David Attenboroughs. Below are some examples of the magnificent work that has been submitted.

Kai’s introductory paragraph
Mia’s subsection all about the porita spider’s diet and hunting skills
Charlotte’s closing paragraph

You have all been so engaged with our science topic – ‘Light and Dark’. Over the past 6 sessions, you have looked at light sources, reflective materials, opaque and transparent objects and shadows. Below are some photos of Alexander’s home investigations. Alexander has sorted everyday items from his home into two groups, items that are opaque and items that are transparent. This is really important knowledge as you have now learnt that shadows are formed when light cannot pass through opaque objects. He has also found some objects that block light from passing through, which then make a shadow. Finally Alexander has also made his own shadow puppet theatre, to investigate how the size of shadows can be changed by moving objects closer and further away from a light source.

Not only have you all been learning lots at home, I have also developed my own knowledge on the Stone Age! The Stone Age was made up of three eras the Palaeolithic era, the Mesolithic era and the Neolithic era. Below is a picture of Jak’s Neolithic farm that he has created online. He used his knowledge from the topic to incorporate all the elements that might be found on a Neolithic farm. Super effort Jak!

Jak’s Neolithic Farm

It has been really important for you all to take time away from your screens. Each week Ava and Lilly have participated in our fitness sessions, improving their scores each time. They have even encouraged Finley to join them too!

Please continue to keep up all your hard work. Hopefully we can be back in school learning together very soon. Take time to rest next week. I would love to see some photos of the things you have got up to, I can then share these on our blog for your friends to see too.

See you all soon.

Miss Underwood

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