Shape Superstars

Since returning after half term, Year 3 have been expanding their 2D and 3D shape knowledge. We started by recapping and recalling shape names, discussing what we already know. The children learnt that 2D shapes are flat whereas 3D shapes are not. Year 3 began exploring their understanding of 2D and 3D by drawing around 3D shapes. This helped the children to recognise the faces of 3D shapes. It was tricky to draw around a sphere and a cone because they have curved surfaces.

Year 3 closely looked at the properties of 2D shapes, thinking about the number of sides and vertices. The children made their own regular and irregular 2D shapes. Using their knowledge of sides and vertices, they were able to identify the shape. What shapes can you see here?

Finally, Year 3 have looked at 3D shapes thinking about their vertices and edges. They have learnt that a vertex is where two or more edges meet and an edge is where 2 faces meet. Here the children are using marshmallows and sticks to create their own 3D shapes. They had to incorporte their knowledge of faces, edges and vertices to create their shapes. The children explained that the sticks represent the edges and the marshmallows represent the vertices.