Throwing and Catching

So far in P.E., Year 3 have been developing their throwing and catching skills, By developing their skills, the children will become better at different throwing and catching sports like netball and basketball.

The children have learnt that to be more accuarate when catching, they should have their hands ready in a ‘W’ position. Once the ball reaches their hands they then need to bring it into their bodies, to secure the catch. #

Year 3 then improved their accuracy through a range of target throwing activities. They have practised and developed their accuracy by aiming both towards a peer and towards a specific target.

Finally, the children have been thinking about ways they can move with the ball. We talked about throwing and catching balls and how players move with the ball in those. In netball, players cannot move with the ball. However, in basketball, the children are able to dribble with the ball. We have developed our dribbling skills by thinking about the dribbling teaching points. These are, push the ball with your fingers, keep the ball slightly infront of your body and keep the ball at waist level.

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