Autumn Printing

Since returning in September, Year 3 have been developing their printing and pattern skills. Over the first few lessons, the children experimented with reproducing a variety of different patterns. Patterns included checks, spots and stripes. The focus of the pattern was an Autumn leaf the children then added further detail by contrasting with a different patterned background.

After deciding on their favourite patterns, the children had to score their designs into a polystyrene tile block using a sharp pencil. The children had to be extremely careful during this stage, ensuring they make sure their patterns are deep enough into the polystyrene but not too deep that they put a hole in the block.

Using printing rollers the children spread their ink all over their scored blocks before placing it onto their paper. With newspaper over the top, the children had to apply pressure to the whole surface so that their pattern prints.

Here are some of our finished printing pieces. Please come and have a closer look at our artwork, outside the Year 3 class!

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